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The London Dungeon - Responsive Website project

We redesigned, rebuilt and relaunched the website of the iconic London Dungeon. The new site is optimised to convert browsers to buyers, and is natively 'responsive' to mobiles and tablets.


The London Dungeon is an iconic and much loved attraction, full of manic theatrical fun. (We loved the idea that it's London's hardest working theatre.)

Unfortunately the website was not performing well, and was hamstrung by an ageing content management system. As part of a major repositioning The Dungeon's brand team asked Semantic to work with them on a ground-up rebuild.

What we did

Stepped back, took a long look, and delivered:

  • a new responsive website
  • a ticketing wizard to improve conversion
  • branded copy, content and shareables

The Semantic extra

There were lots of extras on this project. For example, we designed the site's Ticketing Wizard to increase conversion of multi-attraction tickets... a high-yield product for the Client.

But we're also really proud of the content work. Tone of voice is so important, and we worked hard to reinvent the tired old tropes of web sites to hit the right note.

What happened?

After seeing initial thinking the brand team decided to increase the project to include all 7 other Dungeon websites, including multi-language support for Berlin, and Amsterdam.

When the London site opened online ticket sales had to be restricted as conversion was too high in relation to normal 'walk-up' sales. What we call a 'good problem' to have.

Denizens of The Dungeons (Project)

This project was delivered by:

  • Karen Heldoorn - Online Marketing (The Dungeons)
  • Nick Warren - Strategy (Semantic)
  • Mike Gillett - Lead Design & Coding (Semantic)
  • Chris Moses - Ticketing Wizard (Semantic)
  • Stephen Gardiner - Content & PM (Semantic)

Tools & Technologies

This project was delivered with:

  • HTML 5, CSS, Javascript and
  • SQL Databases
  • Brainpower
  • Lots of coffee...

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