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We make digital heroes

We are a friendly web agency with a simple aim - do great work for great clients.
No advertising. No sales team. Just service.

We're in it for the long-term and will work to become a real partner for your business. See our clients below, or discover how we can help with your online challenges...

How can we help?

Great clients

We never advertise. All our work comes from recommendations, repeat business and long-term relationships.

How we can help

Our clients typically look for help in these areas. What do you need?

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Websites that work

Responsive, content-managed sites that use design, technology and psychology.

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Engaging content and campaigns

Copywriting, design and animation that drives user engagement.

Analytics icon

Analysing, testing and optimising

We test our work, and yours, to iterate towards the highest possible conversion.

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High-level strategy and consultancy

With digital it's easy to spend all your time in the weeds. We help you break out.

Great service as standard

It's simple. We only want happy clients. We stand behind our work, so it's backed by our simple guarantee - if you're not happy, you don't pay.

Our story

Our story began in 1997 when Nick left IBM's New Media Lab to "go freelance". Mike joined a little later to start Semantic, and we've grown organically ever since.

A few years ago in 2016, we reached a real milestone, with 2nd generation Semantian's taking over the day-to-day management of the business.

That's when you know a culture has taken root.

Want to work at Semantic?

We hire rarely, but our approach is simple. To do great work for great clients we need great people.

We value friendliness, talent and experience – in that order. Interested? See our Jobs page for current opportunities.

Neil Lewin

Neil Lewin

Owner & Managing Director. Calm, efficient and cheerful. Joined 2007.

Email Neil, call 02380 111545, connect on LinkedIn

Mike Gillett

Mike Gillett

Graphic designer with 20 years of experience building websites.

Email Mike or call him on 02380 111543

James Martin

James Martin

Developer, designer and snow boarding instructor. Joined 2009.

Email James or call him on 02380 111546

Elliot Choules

Elliot Choules

Web Ninja and Semantic support guru! Joined 2015.

Email Elliot or call him on 02380 111549

Jason Elkin

Jason Elkin

Lead Developer and infrastructure expert. Joined 2013.

Email Jason or call him on 02380 111548

David Champion

David Champion

Lead Support Ninja. Joined 2018.

Email David or call him on 02380 111550

Dan Colmer

Dan Colmer

Web and Support Ninja. Joined 2017.

Email Dan or call him on 02380 111550

Darin Goodsell

Darin Goodsell

SEO expert. Joined 2019.

Email Darin or call him on 02380 111550

Blogging Semantic

We write about design, business and life on the Semantic Blog.

How we choose clients?

We care about who we work with, so only grow our Client List when the right kind of person comes along.

Cards on the table – here's what we look for:

  • Personality –  friendly people who value real expertise
  • Commitment - budgeting at least £20k/year
  • Long-term – looking for a long-term partner

Still interested?
Nice one - email Neil or call him on 02380 111545.

Email Neil